Create A Classroom Collaboration

Are you a Soundtrap EDU teacher and want to connect to a classroom from a different city!? An adjoining state? Or how about a country from across the globe?! We want to help make the introduction!

“As citizens of the world, students in today’s classrooms seek global contexts for learning. Opportunities for networked and international collaborations are bringing both the world to classrooms and classrooms to the world. With a focus on international standards of instruction, globally-minded programs inspire students to be curious through investigation and reflective in analysis of thought. These pathways lead to the development of cultural literacy by allowing students to examine issues of global significance through interconnected sharing of experience and exchange of ideas. Collaborative learning spaces empower students to work with each other and with students in classrooms of the world to assume multiple perspectives, explore alternative solutions, and thoughtfully solve problems.”  Siracusa and Williams (2015) wrote about classrooms that connect to the world through collaborative learning spaces for Edutopia.

Wow…just wow.

Let Soundtrap help!

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