Soundtrap Supports Student-Centered Classrooms in Malmö at EAS

A couple weeks ago 350 teachers and student delegates met in Malmö, Sweden for the 27th European Association of Music in Schools Conference. The theme of the conference was “The School I’d Like” which emphasized student-centered classrooms and encouraged music teachers to design their teaching around the individual students. The courage to trust the students was inspiring and refreshing. A small team from Soundtrap attended the conference to support the creative side of music education.

We wanted to give teachers a chance to make music with Soundtrap while experiencing a unique collaboration project. In keeping with the conference theme, we handed the reins to three extremely bright music students at the Malmö Academy of Music. The students led a 90-minute workshop where 40 teachers collaborated on four computers in four rooms to create a completely original song. They joined one Soundtrap project and collaborated in real-time across devices to create an amazing original composition. The group responsible for voice and lyrics wrote a chorus for us all to sing! After about one hour of creating and composing, everyone gathered back together to sing the chorus as one big choir. We also had participants submit musical bits throughout the conference to create the final crowdsourced soundtrack. We mixed all together and set it to a slideshow.

We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of the 2019 EAS Conference