Soundtrap Partners with Make Music Matter!

Soundtrap for Education has partnered with Make Music Matter on a unique collaboration with Sweden’s national school project Make Music Matter! and ABBA The Museum. The project will start this September and run until 2020. The application is open until September 20, 2019 and approximately 300 schools have registered so far. More information can be found here

This project focuses on dreams, entrepreneurship, creativity, and digitization, while at the same time drawing attention to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Children’s Convention), which is celebrating 30 years. Furthermore, a significant part of Swedish music history is dealt with in the pop saga ABBA, which exceeded the dream within the framework of the project.

Children’s Convention Day at ABBA The Museum

On November 20, the Children’s Convention celebrates 30 years at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm. Classes have a chance to join us in celebrating this day by writing a verse to the song I Have A Dream, explaining their process and give motivation as to why they think their class should be included.

Interested? Here’s how you do it:

  • Register your school for the school project “ Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream ”
  • Write your own verse for ABBA’s song “I Have A Dream”, inspired by the content of the children’s convention.
  • Justify with a maximum of 300 characters why your class should be allowed to attend the event at ABBA the Museum
  • Tell us briefly how you worked with the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Use the digital tools and work materials that the school has access to by joining the school project “Make Music Matter! I Have A Dream ”when you apply to join
  • Submit your application no later than October 23 (registration for the Children’s Convention Day will be open on this page from October 14 – October 23) and prepare to go to ABBA the Museum in Stockholm on November 20
  • A jury with representatives from UNICEF Sweden, ABBA the Museum and “Make Music Matter!” Selects the class that will have the opportunity to participate. The class that is allowed to go will be announced on November 4.
  • Text & Music Creation – students can write a verse for ABBA’s song “I Have A Dream” and express their dreams in their own music production.
  • Concert at ABBA The Museum on the Day of the Children’s Convention on November 20, where students get to sing and perform with their versions of ABBA’s song “I Have A Dream” (participating schools participate in the draw of places).
  • Material to the Convention on the Rights of the Child to Use Directly in Teaching.
  • Filmed guided tour in the ABBA museum – via login on teacher portal.
  • The movie Popsagan by Björn Ulvaeus – via login on teacher portal.
  • Worksheets “Make Music Matter! In Have A Dream ”with accompanying teacher’s guide for teachers and opportunities to work across the subject with the project. (creative creation, process & product evaluation of creative activities etc.)
  • Digital tools for music production in the music tool Soundtrap (free licenses to all schools in the country).
  • Skills development through the music convention Make Music Matter TEACH! Be The Difference!  at Linnaeus University, where the school project “I Have A Dream” is a major part of the content of the program. Special notification for this.

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