COVID-19 has changed the education landscape, causing many schools to close or explore a hybrid instructional model in an effort to keep students, families, and communities safe and healthy. School closures have resulted in a widespread transition to distance learning, which has tasked many administrators and educators with finding creative ways to keep students engaged and achieving. The situation is rapidly evolving each day, with school leaders making difficult decisions, and our goal at Soundtrap is to continue our support of teachers and learners by providing helpful resources and removing some of the uncertainty involved in planning.

Using Soundtrap, teachers and students can create, communicate, and collaborate to explore creative sound-making through audio stories, music creation, podcasting, literacy training, and more. The cloud-based studio offers a safe learning environment that can be accessed via any device, at any time, from any location. 

Steps for Getting Started with Soundtrap in Distance Learning Situations

Step 1:  Create a free school trial account at 

  • Select ‘Start as a Teacher’ to set up your trial account
  • All new trial accounts will get free access to Soundtrap for Education for 30 days
  • All trial accounts will be given 500 seats by default

Step 2: Invite others or roster students with one of the following methods:

  • Google Classroom integration, click here for instructions
  • Microsoft Teams integration, click here for instructions
  • Invite by group code, click here for instructions

Congratulations! You have registered your users on Soundtrap!

Step 3: Start incorporating Soundtrap into your classes! 

Step 4: The following are essential skills to review:

Step 5: Support and Community

*Need some inspiration? Share student examples to inspire your students and/or colleagues: 

**Technical Requirements – To be able to use Soundtrap effectively, students and teachers need a stable internet connection and a computer or tablet. Chrome OS, Windows, iOS and Android devices are all supported. The easiest way to access Soundtrap is through a web browser.