Distance learning. Remote learning. Hybrid learning. Regardless of where your teaching and learning takes place this year, Soundtrap for Education is dedicated to helping our community of educators and students explore creative sound making with our online, collaborative studio from virtually any location. 

– Get inspired – 

For storytellers:

Podcasting is on the rise as a modern way for students to share their authentic insights and perspectives. Using our online studio’s built in features—including real-time track sync, high quality sound effects and our interactive transcript, which transforms spoken word into text so students can edit their recording similar to a text document—students will develop new technical skills, like practicing dialogue and arrangement editing, as well as expression through creative writing while producing podcasts. And our video and chat features means that students can record podcasts together from virtually any location. 

We’ve connected with our community of teachers to learn about their tips for student podcasting:

And podcasting works across grade levels and course subjects! Check out ideas for student podcasting across subjects like math, science, business, and more.

For music makers:

With Soundtrap, students can explore creative sound making through a combination of digital and physical instruments. Whether students connect their own microphone, guitar or any other instrument or want to explore new sounds with our studio’s software instruments, loops and audio effects, music collaborations are made possible from virtually any location. 

Here are some of the tops technical skills students can develop while composing new music in our online studio:

Discover how formal and informal learning spaces are creating their own virtual music collaborations!

– Additional Resources & Support – 

We’ve pulled some of our top resources below for new and experienced Soundtrap users:

– Explore Soundtrap with Free Lesson Plans –

Our team of education specialists have researched free lessons plans that can be explored using Soundtrap:

Storytelling in the Social Studies Classroom is available on OER Commons and designed for grades 3-5. Using our online studio, take this lesson plan a step further using podcasts as the format for storytelling!

Understanding Story Elements – Who, What, Where is available on OER Commons and designed for grades 4-6. In this lesson, students are tasked with identifying specific elements of a song, which they can record to gain experience in our online studio.

Artistic Expression Showcase is available on Teaching Tolerance and designed for grades 3-5.  In this lesson, students are tasked with producing an original art that conveys an anti-bias or social justice message. Using Soundtrap, students can record songs or spoken word as their artistic expression

We always love to hear success stories from our community of educators and students! If you’re interested in sharing how you’re using Soundtrap, click here.